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Low-Fat Lasagna

By On May 26, 2015

BACKGROUND My nutrition friend, Anna, and I made this low-fat lasagna for our nutrition food science class. Our challenge was to modify a regular lasagna recipe to a low-fat version. We then had to… Read More


What is an RD/RDN?

By On May 21, 2015

I started college with my sights set on becoming a nurse. In the midst of completing my prerequisite classes in order to apply for the nursing program at Georgia State University (GSU), I stumbled… Read More


Atlanta Community Food Bank Tour

By On November 5, 2014

WHAT: Food Bank WHERE: 732 Joseph E Lowery Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30318 CONTACT: (404) 892-3333 WEBSITE:… Read More


Nutrition Student Network Baking Fundraiser | Food Day 2014

By On October 28, 2014

Along with celebrating and raising awareness for Food Day this year, a few of the officers also decided to do a mini fundraiser for the Nutrition Student Network (NSN). We used half of our budget towards buying… Read More


Nutrition Student Network Bonfire & Tacos Social

By On October 25, 2014

This year I took on being the social coordinator for the Nutrition Student Network (NSN) at Georgia State University. A bonfire was a must for the perfect weather October has graced upon us.… Read More