About Me

Asheville, North Carolina


Born in Baguio. Raised in Pangasinan. Currently in Atlanta.

I lived in the Philippines for the first 10 years of my life. Half of it was spent in Baguio, which is known for its beautiful weather, mountains, and pine trees. When I was five years old, my dad left for the United States. So we moved to Pangasinan (closer to my mom’s family) while we waited for my dad’s petition for us to follow him to go through. It was a big change, because Pangasinan is a more rural area compared to Baguio. The weather was much hotter with miles and miles of farmland, but we weren’t too far from the coast, so being able to drive over to the beach more than made up for it.

A few months before turning 11 years old, our petition got approved, and we moved to Lawrenceville, Georgia. I relocated to Atlanta back in 2011 after transferring to Georgia State University (GSU)from Georgia Perimeter College that’s now a part of GSU.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from the Didactic Program in Dietetics at GSU. I was matched to a dietetic internship at Southern Regional Medical Center  where I will complete rotations in clinical, foodservice, community with a concentration in medical nutrition therapy and specialized in oncology and geriatrics. This 1200 hour supervised practice program is about 9 months, which will allow me to take the national registration examinations for dietitians that I passed in 2016.

I learned from my very first nutrition professor, Lauren Lorenzo, the importance of balance, timing, and individualized nutrition. When you sleep well, you eat well. When you eat well, you move well. Everyone is different, and so we need to approach life as it fits each of us.

Family always comes first. My mom, two sisters, brother, Michael, cats, and plants are my priority. Friends are also at the top of my love list since they keep me sane and grounded! My passion for nutrition comes next. Then comes my love for travel, food, home DIYs, and oldies music… but I’m never opposed to anything beyond those things! Life’s too short to surround yourself with the same people, places, and things. Every day is a new opportunity for adventure.

All my photos are taken with my iPhone and sometimes a Fuji X-T20 or GoPro.

I work part time as an inpatient clinical dietitian.